Telangana state innovation cell commences its operations

Hyderabad: Creating a single window for administering all incentives announced in the Telangana State Innovation Policy for start-ups and incubators, the State Innovation Cell (SIC) today started its operations.

State IT Minister K T Rama Rao had earlier announced the formation of the SIC under the state innovation policy.

“With the formation of the State Innovation Cell, Telangana has taken a step forward for research in sectors.

The SIC is currently located in IIIT Hyderabad,” Rao said.

An official release stated that various sectors, including pharma and agriculture, will be benefited with the cell.

The scope of the SIC is to nurture and enable the early stage start-up ecosystem from seeding new start-ups to nurturing them through taking their start-up to market (angel stage), the release said.

It said the cell will serve as the single window for administering all incentives announced in the innovation policy for start-ups and incubators.

The immediate focus of the SIC is to document, network and amplify the early stage support ecosystem, the release said.

“An initiative has started to network all the co-working spaces and through shared joint support to enable these spaces to be as effective as incubators. Through these co-working spaces, the early stage start-ups will be provided business/strategy mentoring, market connection and investor access,” it said.

The endeavour is to direct all early stage start-ups applying to T-Hub, a start-up incubator set up by the Telangana government, the release said.