Telangana: Husband suspects wife, hits her with cricket bat, strangles using wire

New Delhi: A daily wage labourer hacked his wife to death by attacking her with a cricket bat and later strangled her using a wire in Telangana’s Mahboobnagar district.

The 37-year-old accused suspected his wife was cheating on with some other man. He attacked her with a cricket bat and later strangled her to death using a wire at their house on Wednesday, IndiaToday reports.

The victim was aged around 30 years was married to the accused for the past 11 years and three children two boys and one girl, inspector Ravi Kumar said.
The accused after killing his wife surrendered to the Police.

A case was registered after the victim’s parents lodged a complaint against the accused stating he harassed their daughter and frequently quarrelled with her suspecting his wife’s fidelity.