Technocrat MP Rajiv lauds KTR for T-HUB

Hyderabad: Rajya Sabha member and technocrat Rajiv Chandrasekhar here on Saturday called on IT Minister K Tarakarama Rao and appreciated the Telangana government for introducing the T-Hub policy.
Rajiv Chandrasekhar came here to address entrepreneurs and also a group of IAS and IPS officers. Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub, Srinivas Kollipara, founder and COO, T-Hub and JayeshRanjan, IT Secretary, were also present.
Sharing his own journey of being a Silicon Valley successfully entrepreneur to going through bankruptcy to fighting back and founding BPL Mobile – India’s first mobile services company and largest greenfield cellular network, Rajeev held an interesting session at T-Hub. He said, “Every time I got an opportunity, I took it with both hands and worked as if it was the last chance given to me.”
Rajeev earned his spurs in the United States, where he worked for Intel and was a member of the team that designed the Intel chip. Every Intel 486 Processor chip ever manufactured has his initials RC.
Rajeev came back to India in the 90’s and in 1995 he founded BPL Mobile. Prior to joining public service, Rajeev founded Jupiter Capital in 2005, a venture capital and investment company.
From a man who has shared lunches with the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and pitched in front of Steve Jobs, comes a very valuable advice, “As entrepreneurs, you need to have the determination to succeed. That’s the core mantra of being an entrepreneur, you need to believe that you will succeed and work really hard to achieve it.”
From his experience of being a successful entrepreneur at Silicon Valley, Rajeev said, “There’s one major difference between entrepreneurs in India and in Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, people are excited about the ideas and not the money that will come for it. That’s why I’m excited to be at T-Hub as I sense a similar notion here, people are excited about the ideas and the end products. My advice to startups also is to work hard, wealth and rewards of your hard work will come naturally to you.” Giving a few words of advice to entrepreneurs, Rajiv said, “Focus on your ideas and your capability. Don’t be shy of your work and at the same time, be very sensitive of what you’re doing. Be extremely careful that your financial partners are aligned with your goals and pick the right mentor.”
Talking about T-Hub, Rajeev said, “Make T-Hub the epicentre of all entrepreneurial innovations and you’re share to have great things coming out of here.” After his visit to T-Hub, Rajeev Chandrasekhar went to meet Minister of IT, Panchayat Raj and Municipal KalvakuntlaTaraka Rama Rao. Rajeev urged the Minister to use technology to improve services given to citizens. The Minister appreciated the idea and also informed Rajeev about how technology is being used in different sectors and also added that the government is planning to recruit a Chief Information Officer for the largest civic body (GHMC) to reach out to people with the use of technology. KTR also spoke to Rajeev about how many tech giants like Google, Amazon, Uber and Apple are making their presence felt in Hyderabad.
An engineer with a master’s degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an Advanced Management Programme from Harvard University, Rajeev is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, public leader besides serving his second term as an Independent MP from Karnataka with a reputation of being an active and activist MP. Rajeev is a Member of Standing Committee of Defence, Member of Consultative Committee on Defence among others. (NSS)