Teach human values to students, Guv tells teachers

Governor ESL Narsimhan today called upon the teaching community to teach human values-based education to students.


Participating as chief guest in 77th Indian Public Schools’ conference at Hyderabad Public School at Begumpet today, the Governor said educational institutions have a pivotal role in treating and educating students about human values. He advised them not to educate students merely as machines, who do not understand human values. On the occasion, Narsimhan said, “He was not talking as an authority, I am sharing my feelings as a grand father”.


The Governor further said, “We should stop western culture to say “Hai, Bye and Tata”. Each student should be taught in Indian language besides a foreign language. He also suggested that the teachers educate boys giving respect to girls. There should be a good relationship among teachers, students and their parents. The conference would be held on January 11 also was being attended by educationists and intellectuals. (NSS)