Some tattoo myths busted

New Delhi:Want to get a tattoo, but have several doubts? The pain is not unbearable and your inking won’t fade with time, say experts.

Vikas and Mickey Malani, Co-founders of Bodycanvas Tattoos, bust some myths associated with the art of tattooing:

* Can’t donate blood: It’s only the first three months that you cannot donate blood. After that you can donate blood.

* Tattoo cannot be removed: Tattoo can be removed through a laser treatment leaving no scars behind.

* Tattoo will fade when you get old: Tattoo needs maintenance. You need to moisturise your tattoo at least once in a day.

* Skin allergy and blood poisoning: People have a mindset that getting a tattoo can lead to skin allergies. With the right artist and hygiene factor, it doesn’t come up as a problem.

* People who are below 18 years cannot get a tattoo: You can surely get a tattoo even if you are not 18. Getting a tattoo will not have any health hazards if you are not 18.