Taliban restricts bank withdrawals to $200 per week

Kabul: The Taliban have imposed limits on bank withdrawals in Afghanistan, a media report said on Sunday.

In an official directive, the central bank of Afghanistan, De Afghanistan Bank, has ordered all private and international banks to limit withdrawal to their individual customers to $200 which equals AFS2,000 per week, said the Khaama News report.

The directive reads that the decision is made after financial difficulties arose in Afghanistan and will be temporary.

The decision comes hours after hundreds of people took to the streets of Kabul and protested against the closure of banks.

De Afghanistan Bank has also instructed all the private banks in Afghanistan to resume their operations based on the principles and laws of the central bank.

“The owners of all companies related and individual accounts are allowed to transfer money electronically,” reads the directive.

It comes as there is no banking serviced available ever since the Taliban entered Kabul on August 15.

People have been facing severe problems, employers are not able to pay salaries and employees have run out of money which will cause a crisis if not resolved.