HARMAN launches new studio condenser microphone in India

Bengaluru: HARMAN Professional Solutions has launched a new JBL Commercial CSSM100 studio condenser microphone in India that is available on Flipkart at Rs 4,999.

This new studio microphone is a one-size-fits for all solution, be it for professionals, prosumers or amateurs. It delivers crystal clear and undistorted sound to ensure unmatched sound quality for the audience to enjoy thoroughly.

“The industry is witnessing a surge in content creation and consumption, which has given rise to at-home and smaller studio setups,” Aditya Todi, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, HARMAN Professional Solutions in India and SAARC, said in a statement.

“This affordable range of studio condenser microphone is the go-to audio device for upcoming singers, instrument players, public speakers or just anyone looking for a quality sturdy microphone,” Todi added.

The microphone is designed for audio inputs for both vocal and instrument sound. JBL CSSM100 is a high-sensitivity microphone suitable for both studio recording and on-stage performances.

For clear voice and instrument recording, the microphone has a wide frequency response, along with a high headroom which diminishes any distortion.

With convenient features like a 3-pin XLR connector and a stand adapter, JBL CSSM100 proves to be a functional, easy-to-use microphone.