Talasani downplays Jogini Shyamala’s Fury

Annoyed at the comments of Jogini Shyamala that the Government will collapse because of poor arrangements and high handedness by police in throwing her off during the Bonalu at Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav has expressed a sort of displeasure.
There might have been a sort of inconvenience as lakhs of devotees thronged for the Bonalu festival, he admitted. Talking to media persons at the temple the minister contended that Jogini should not have made such comments that the government will collapse. Even Oracle Swarna Latha’s prediction of low prosperity in the state has also added to the inconvenience during the festivities.

He said that he heard that some inconvenience was caused to Shyamala though she should have understood the arrangements, he said. The minister said that VIPs came in big numbers to pray the goddess and police bandobust was made for security and to regulate traffic movement. Though there was some difficulty in regulating huge number of devotees, no one should make such harsh comments, he said referring to Shyamala comments. He said this when the press people talked about the failure of the police personnel in providing hassle free darshan to the devotees.

Jogini Shyamala literally cried at the media point and found fault with the officials and the government. Why Bangaru Telangana if only ministers and VIPs come, while police and the officials deny the people to have hassle free darshan here, Shayamala thundered wile weeping. ‘I have never faced this sort of insult in the past and it is shame on the part of the government’ she fumed. ‘The police touched me at some places which are not supposed to, and threw me and I fell down in shame’, she expressed displeasure. What for the police here when the devotees with Bonalu were forced to stand in long queues for hours, she asked. Jogini also expressed anguish that the government will work for 5 or 10 years, but we are here forever. For about 20 years we are in the service of the Goddess and the policemen have harassed us, she fumed. (NSS)