#MeToo discussed on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Washington: On Sunday’s episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’, host John Oliver interviewed Anita Hill, an American attorney, about the ‘Me Too’ movement.

The episode came two days after CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in 1991, Anita Hill gave an eight-hour-long testimony against the U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas accusing him of sexual harassment.

The testimony was later brushed aside by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In a monologue before the interview, Oliver talked about #MeToo and the recent ‘Time’s up’ movement, both dealing with the issue of sexual harassment.

“Even a few years ago, people were ambivalent about what the consequences should be concerning behaving incredibly badly in the workplace,” Hill told Oliver.

When Oliver asked her if men are needed in this movement against sexual harassment, Hill said “We need you to step up. There are no innocent bystanders.”

Discussing the matter of ‘intend’ and how the word is used in defining an act of sexual harassment, Hill said: “If you’re a victim, it doesn’t matter so much if they intended”.

“I am feeling more optimistic that I was 27 years ago. If we do nothing, then change is not going to come.” Hill said, referring to the movements initiated against sexual harassment.

Les Moonves, an American media executive, was recently accused of sexual misconduct by six women.