Hyderabad: Suspecting infidelity, husband inflicts injuries on wife’s private parts

Hyderabad: In a gruesome incident reported from Ghatkesar, a husband suspecting his wife’s infidelity has inflicted severe injuries on his wife’s private parts accusing her of having illicit relations with men.

Residents of Annijiguda, Ghatkesar, Bhukya Ravi used to frequently take her wife to doctors to ascertain if she has had any physical relationships with any men.

The incident came to light after the victim’s husband filed their daughter’s missing complaint with the Police.

The 25-yr-old victim who also has a daughter was traced in Jangoan at her grandmother’s house. She has been in this abusive marriage since she was married off when she 11 years old.

Her husband Bhukya Ravi, a central government employee currently working in Hyderabad lodged a missing complaint of his daughter with Ghatkesar police.

The investigations into the complaint of the missing daughter led the Police to the victim who later revealed her abusive marriage with her husband and his atrocities towards her.

“For about a year after marriage, she was treated well by her husband and after that, he started suspecting her fidelity. He used to abuse her mentally and physically,” said Ghatkesar inspector B Prakash.

Quoting victims complaint, the Police Inspector said that previously the victim was severely beaten by her husband which left her with bleeding injuries and three stitches on the head.

The victim then filed a complaint of domestic harassment at Thorrur police station in Warangal district.