Stop shouting like ‘bewakoof ’: KCR at the rally

Hyderabad: Irritated with a group of people trying to disturb his speech at a public meeting in Alampur, TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao chided them and called them ‘bewakoof ’(idiot).

While he was speaking at the public meeting, he reacted angrily to the group that was shouting. “Endukarustharabhai bewakoofgandlameru,” he said, taking them to task for shouting like ‘stupid people’.

As Mahbubnagar MP Jitender Reddy tried to whisper to KCR saying that they were shouting because of their enthusiasm, the TRS president said such over-enthusiasm was not warranted. “It is such over-enthusiasm that may cause us to lose,” he told Jitender Reddy.

Recently, the chief minister had also shouted down a youth at a public meeting when the young man had tried to ask KCR about 12 percent reservations for Muslims, a promise which was not kept.

At every meeting, KCR makes sure there is no disturbance to his speech and asks people causing a ruckus to tame it down

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