Teen football player looses father seated in audience during match

Riyadh: In an unfortunate tragedy, a father passed away suffering from a heart attack in the midst of his son’s football match.

The tragedy was reported from Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal sports city stadium in Jizan where a young Saudi football player Assem al-Hajajy on the field playing the U-19 Braem al-Watan football club match lost his father Mashawy al-Hajajy who was seated in the audience cheering for his son and suddenly collapsed after the heart attack.

However, Assem was informed about his father’s death only after his match was over, Khaleej Times reported.

Grief took over the young football player who took to Twitter, where he wrote: “Dad you were everything to me, you were a father, brother and friend. I spent 17 years with you which wasn’t enough, but this is fate.

What hurts the most is that I lost you amidst the future that you drew for me, as if your voice is telling me ‘I will be beside you always’.”

Assen’s father was quite enthusiastic always encouraging his sons to pursue the sport.