Startups who are promoting fitness their own way!

New Delhi: Innovation and disruption have spared none and it is evident in all segments of business, with the fitness industry now taking this route in the India.

India is seeing a wave in fitness that is not limited to the explosions of gyms. It is reflecting in our conversations, in the apps on our phones and in the food we order at work.

Here are some startups who are promoting fitness in their own way:


A technology platform, FitMeIn aims to interconnect millions of mobile users to thousands of fitness studios and experts across India. The startup’s objective is to make fitness more fun, accessible and a way of life for users. It uses an E-wallet concept of FitCoins (TM) to discover and book variety of fitness sessions and related services without having to commit to a long term subscription of any one fitness destination/ trainer.

What’s Up Life

This platform has successfully hosted a series of intra-gym competitions over the last couple of weeks. At the closure of every round, winners were declared in 4 categories in each gym and the best among those are now going to compete against each other.

Zorba Yoga

Founded by Sarvesh Shashi, this startup is the largest yoga chain in India now. This Chennai-based startup now has a presence in 40 cities with more than 80 centres. Zorba claims to have re-introduced 25 new types of yoga. It has included disciplines like zumba, yoga, aerobics, meditation into novel training programmes, amounting to 14 different forms of yoga, 12 forms of meditation, 122 types of pranayama, various dance fitness modules, and dance meditation.

Google Fit

Search giant Google introduced the Google Fit app in order to help users in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The company has now gone a step further and have introduced new features for Google Fit. The company claims that the new features will enable users to burn more calories.


This startup gives its users the flexibility to workout when they want, how they want and where they want. Its users have access to unparalleled variety of choices from yoga, zumba, pilates, aerobics, MMA, cross fit, circuit training, kickboxing, spinning, bootcamp and many more. Fitpass is an app based service available on iOS and Android.