Sonam is not considered as Sex symbol

Mumbai, November 30: Sonam Kapoor is not considered as a sex symbol or hot and sexy by the male contemporary stars in B-town, but despite that she is appreciated by all for her great panache and style.

However, this fashionista called Sonam has quite a slip of tongue at the worst of times and best of times. Sonam has got into a tussle due to her bold stance in answering questions with utmost honesty without batting an eyelid and often she is seen as quite brash because of this habit of hers.

Recently she had been heard answering quite boldly on a very popular chat show on TV too. She had opened up like a baby spilling all the beans on the show; she gave a piece of her mind about her co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan too.

This was certainly quite a bold side of the actress on display and the last thing that Sonam Kapoor could be called was politically correct- because this is one thing which perhaps Sonam can never be.

Earlier too, Sonam had been quite bold in answering Shobha De on her twitter and had said that Aishwarya Rai had worked with her dad so there was no competition or something to that effect. Well at this rate it shall soon become tough to decide whether Sonam is bold or brash?