Rs.13.66 lakh looted in Greater Noida, one held

New Delhi, November 30: A robber was overpowered by people minutes after he, along with two accomplices, looted Rs.13.66 lakh from a farmer in Greater Noida township of Uttar Pradesh Tuesday, police said. The other two robbers escaped with the money.

According to police, Gaje Singh, a farmer and a resident of Bhatta-Parsol, was robbed in Chowki village around 11 a.m. The robber caught by people and handed over to police was identified as Rahul.

“We have arrested Rahul. He said that his two accomplices who fled with the cash were from Meerut,” said Superintendent of Police, Greater Noida, Atul Saxena.

A police team has been sent to arrest the two robbers and recover the money, he said.

Gaje Singh sold his land Monday for Rs.13.66 lakh. He was going to deposit the money in a bank when the robbers struck Tuesday, police said.

The three robbers, carrying guns, came on a motorcycle and forced him to stop his motorcycle while he was going to the bank. They snatched his bag containing the money and tried to flee, police said.

The farmer raised an alarm and local farmers rushed in to help him and overpowered Rahul, police said.

The other two culprits succeeded in fleeing with the cash, police said.