“Is skinning a cow ok but eating it is not?” – Chetan Bhagat reacts against Jharkhand lynching

Jharkhand: Famous Indian Author, Chetan Bhagat reacting to the lynching of 42-year-old Alimuddin alias Asgar Ali, a resident of Manua, tweeted, “Are the beef lynchers going to lynch themselves for wearing shoes made of cow leather?” He further questioned those who took the law into their hands and lynched Asgar Ali, “is skinning a cow ok but eating it is not?”

It may be mentioned that on Thursday, people in the name of ‘Gau Bhakti’ lynched one innocent Muslim to death on suspicion of carrying beef. This incident occurred in tand area of Sadar police station limits of Ramgarh district of Jharkhand.

According to the reports, villagers attacked a Maruti van after getting information that beef is being transported in it. At the time of the attack, there were three people in the van. They brutally beat Asgar whereas the other two persons managed to escape. They also set the van ablaze.

On receiving information, police rushed to the spot and shifted the severely wounded Asgar to the hospital where he succumbed to injuries.

It may be noted that after this incident, the entire atmosphere in the country is tense. Opposition parties are attacking Mr. Modi saying that the persons who take the law into their hands have the support of Govt. and Sangh Parivar. They did not refrain from doing this after PM’s speech on “lynching”. Opposition parties also claim that such incidents are taking place only in BJP ruled states.