Sikhs raise $12,000 for national awareness campaign in US

WASHINGTON: A group of Sikhs in California have raised about $12,000 to create national awareness campaign about Sikhs and Sikhism in the US media and society.

At a dinner fundraiser organized by the Sikh Riders of America in Bakersfield, California, over 70 Sikhs endorsed the initiative in this regard by Washington-based National Sikh Campaign which has devised a national strategy engaging President Barack Obama’s media team to present an accurate view of Sikhism in the national media.

Bakersfield Sikhs have witnessed several incidents of hate violence and an incident of Gurdwara being vandalized in the past since 9/11 attacks.

“Our community has faced many problems since 9/11 and it is high time that we change the narrative and adopt a proactive approach to tackle the menace of hate crimes. This task belongs to all members of the community,” said D Rajwant Singh, co-Founder of the National Sikh Campaign and the chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education.

“We must make sure that the roots of the community in America are strengthened by media exposure. This will provide a platform for many youngsters to shine nationally. This is an urgent need of all of us,” he said.