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Shrines of Asif Jahi rulers in Makkah Masjid in peril

Shrines of Asif Jahi rulers in Makkah Masjid in peril

Hyderabad: Not only the main structure of Makkah Masjid, but the shrines of Asif Jahi rulers and madrasa-e-huffaz are in peril. Musallis of the masjid repeatedly invited attention of public representatives on the issue but in vain.

The roof of the rectangular arched arcade housing the tombs of the Asif Jahi rulers in the Masjid courtyard is getting corroded. Mortar is falling off from the inner side of western tomb; stone walls have developed leakage thus destablising the walls. The place where the tombs of five erstwhile Nizam’s are situated has become totally filthy place and walls getting damaged and paint coming off the walls.

If immediate attention is not given to the issue the south-western tomb will also have to be closed for public like the north-west portion of the shrine of Asif Jahi rulers. Thanks to Minority Welfare Department apathy and negligence of Archeological Survey of India (ASI), the 400-year-old the majestic and impressive masjid is in pathetic condition.

The government and ASI still have lot to do to provide maintenance and to conserve this very rare historic monument.

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