Show you care: Sidharth Malhotra on World Animal Day

New Delhi: On the occasion of World Animal Day, Sidharth Malhotra has urged everyone to do their bit for the animals of the world.

The 33-year-old took to social media to share a video where he can be seen petting an elephant. In the caption, he wrote, “We need to open our arms to the animals of the world. So many need our help. Some need to be adopted, some need basic care & some need to live in their natural habitat. The least we can do is talk & acknowledge. Participate. Show you care. Spread the word. #WorldAnimalDay”

October 4 is celebrated as World Animal Day annually. According to its official website, the mission of the day is “to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.”

The first World Animal Day was organised on 24 March 1925 in Berlin by Heinrich Zimmermann, the German writer and publisher of the magazine Mensch und Hund/Man and Dog.

However, in 1929, it was celebrated for the first time on October 4 as it is the day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology, including animals. According to a legend, Saint Francis was able to talk to animals.