‘Shotgun’ Sinha says only ‘Bihari Babu’ can praise elected CM Nitish Kumar

New Delhi, Aug.5 : Veteran Bollywood actor and senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shatrugan Sinha said on Wednesday that only he was in a position to praise Bihar’s duly elected Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

He tweeted, “Bihar ke neta aur CM jo ke elected neta unki tareef bihari babu nahi karega to kaun karega.” (He is Bihar’s leader and a chief minister who has been elected. So, if this ‘ Bihari Babu’ won’t praise him, who will?”

In his tweet, the actor-politician said he was touched by Nitish’s compliment “in calling me the pride of Bihar”.

“I am fond of him as a friend and a much respected leader of the masses. Also, this exchange need not cause concern, alarm or jealousy among our people,” Sinha said, apparently hinting at the growing unease in the BJP with his growing proximity to the Bihar Chief Minister. Sinha has met Nitish several times recently.

“After all, good behavior, shishtachar (courtesy), upbringing and family values will always matter in society. Political opponents are not enemies. We can differ in political views but there can be no personal enmity,” Sinha said.

Sinha also tweeted that he was not in favour of the Lok Sabha Speaker suspending Congress Members of Parliament for five days for obstructing proceedings in the Lower House. He called for good sense to prevail sooner than later.

Sinha’s remarks coincided with Nitish Kumar’s open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his DNA barbs against the JD(U) leader.

There is speculation that Sinha has sought a JD(U) ticket for his wife to contest this year’s assembly election, and that this has not been denied by Nitish Kumar as yet. (ANI)