Government says officials must be present at Independence Day function

Wednesday, 5 August, New Delhi : All officials invited to the Independence Day function at the Red Fort, from where the Prime Minister addresses the nation, have been asked to be present failing which “a serious view” will be taken of their absence, government has said.

“The Independence Day flag hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort is an important historic and national function held every year on August 15.

“Considering the importance of this national function, at which the Prime Minister addresses the nation, it is expected that all the officers who are invited attend the ceremony,” Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha has said in a communique to all secretaries of central government ministries.

Noting that the attendance of official invitees at the ceremony was low at times, the communication says, “This is unacceptable considering that the occasion is of great national importance. There is, clearly, a need to remind the officers that it is their duty to attend the Independence Day ceremony.”

The secretaries have been asked to instruct all officers under their charge who have been invited to be present.

“You might also caution them that a serious view would be taken of their absence on this occasion,” Sinha said.

Following the Cabinet Secretary’s directive, some of the ministries have already started issuing instructions to the officials to ensure their attendance at the function, a senior government official said.