Shocker: Bollywood actress turns vamp, plots murder plan for this reason

Shocker: Bollywood actress turns vamp, plots murder plan for this reason

New Delhi: This B-grade Bollywood actress whose roles usually revolved around murder, deceit or love decided to take law in her own hands when it came to sorting her personal life.

The actress identified as Angel Gupta aged around 26 took this extreme step to marry her married lover Manjeet Singh (38).

She and Manjeet along with her mother’s friend and his driver hatched a plan to murder Manjeet’s wife Sunita with the help of sharpshooters who were called in for the contract killing from UP.

The duo offered the killers Rs 10 lakh following which they killed Sunita on October 29, TOI reports.

The Delhi Police revealed the details after they solved the murder mystery.

The Police arrested Angel, her boyfriend and a man, who calls Angel his daughter this Thursday while Angel’s mother’s friend and his driver were arrested on Friday.

During the interrogation, Angel revealed that she met Manjeet at a discotheque in Gurugram four years ago when she was waiting for her car late at night.

She fell for the kind act when Manjeet who was also leaving the club, rushed to help her hearing her cry for help when two men harassed her.

Eventually, the duo exchanged numbers and started meeting often after the incident. But little did Angel know that Manjeet was married.

When Angel learned Manjeet was a married man, she still decided to continue the relationship and soon their love deepened and Manjeet started to maintain distance with his wife and their 16-year-old daughter.

Manjeet often chose to stay with Angel whenever she was in Delhi. He once left his house for a period of 5 months straight and had only returned to his wife when she made repeated attempts to get in touch with him and threatened to kill herself and their 16-year-old daughter.

Things got ugly when Angel’s father Rajeev(40) asked Manjeet to chose between Angel and Sunita. Sunita, on the other hand, found the duo’s objectionable pictures on her husband’s phone.

It was then Manjeet hatched a plan to kill Sunita. A meeting with Angel her father was held where the three decided to hire contract killers.

It was Rajeev who had asked his driver to arrange for two shooters.

The contract killers were called in and a supari of Rs 10 lakh was given to the shooters.

The Police said the first installment was Rs. 50,000 and was paid on October 23. The shooters were paid Rs 2 lakh on the day the killers killed after Manjeet alerted them of her location.

Sunita’s broad day light murder created panic in the area following which a special team led by ACP Saurabh Chandra and inspector Dharam Dev was formed.
It was Sunita’s diary which gave them a hint about her troubled marriage with Manjeet and his affair with Angel.

At first Manjeet’s stories about his whereabouts on the day of murder made the official suspicious about him , however, he soon broke down during the interrogation and confessed to the murder.