Why Shilpa easy target for contestant in the BB11 House?

Mumbai: The 40-year-old former ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ star Shilpa Shinde, the ‘MAA’ in the house is one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 11 and as per popular opinion will most likely end up as one of the finalists or even winner. She’s also one of Salman’s favourites, and has rarely been questioned by him on Weekend Ka Vaar. Yet, she’s one of the most bullied contestants on the show. And we wonder, why?

According to India today, In the first few weeks of Bigg Boss 11, her only agenda in the house was to trouble Vikas Gupta who she felt wronged her by playing a crucial part in her ouster from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Host Salman Khan, however, played the mediator between the constantly fighting duo and now the two have become great friends. Post patch up with Vikas, Shilpa’s focus shifted to her ‘kids’ which initially worked for her. Her motherly image has shielded her from Salman’s Vaar on Weekend. The fact that she chooses her battles, and doesn’t react to every single things being said to her, also puts her in good light.

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But it is her inability to handle all the bullying that has made her an easy target in the house. Her ‘kids’ are aware of the their mother’s popularity and they are shamelessly cashing in on it by picking fights with her. First, it was Akash who betrayed her and insulted her in front of the whole house, in the name of winning the trust of other contestants. Of late, Arshi too has been targeting Shilpa unnecessarily saying that she is favouring Puneesh and Bandgi over her. They both know, that by doing this, they are making themselves safe.

Other housemates also find Shilpa vulnerable because she doesn’t take stand for herself. Hina in the past has body shamed Shilpa by calling her “bhainsi aunty” and drum. She had earlier commented on her poor English. Priyank Sharma too said nasty things about Shilpa and Arshi’s bodies by calling them bull. Benafsha after her elimination admitted to being rude to Shilpa in her last week and said that she wanted to undo her act.

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Vikas Gupta has called Shilpa mentally challenged and made fun of her broken marriage.

The fact that her own gang members Akash and Arshi are crossing their limits with her proves that either Shilpa is playing a victim card or is genuinenly not understanding their insults.
It’s high time Shilpa took a stand for herself and give it back to her haters, including Hina, Arshi, Akash, Priyank and others.