Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan claims her grandfather had 18 wives – Know the truth

Mumbai: Arshi Khan, Bigg Boss 11 contestant triggered a controversy by claiming that her grandfather had 18 wives. She was involved in many other controversies in the past

According to the news published in Zee News, Arshi Khan’s father, Mohammed Armaan Khan rejected her claim and said that he had lost his father when he was 4-year-old.

“Even I could not spend enough time with my father, how can he had 18 wives”, Arshi’s father questioned.

He further said that he and his wife never told anything about Arshi’s grandfather to her.

He also disclosed that his father, Mohammad Suleman Khan was a jailer in the Central Jail of Bhopal during British Raj and had two wives.

Meanwhile, Arshi’s mother is also not happy due to her daughter’s remarks.