Shia Waqf Board says Sunni Waqf Board has no right on Ayodhya

Lucknow: Sticking to its stand on the Babri Masjid issue, the Shia Waqf Board on Thursday asked that the Sunni Waqf Board to give up its claim on the Shia property in Ayodhya and instead play a positive role in amicably resolving the temple-mosque disputes in Kashi and Mathura.

“The Sunni Waqf Board has the right to put its views on the temple-mosque dispute in Kashi and Mathura but has no right with regard to Ayodhya…It need not interfere in the issues related to the Shia Waqf Board,” Shia Waqf Board Chairman Wasim Rizvi said in a statement in Lucknow.

Rizvi asked the Sunni Waqf Board to give up its claim over the Shia property. The Shia Waqf Board has enough documents to prove that the the mosque in Ayodhya was a Shia one and has presented them to the Supreme Court, but some maulvis and mullahs are sore over this initiative, Rizvi said.

“The Shia Waqf Board wants to tell such hardliners that our initiative was taken in the national interest, is right, and the decision taken by the apex court will be binding on all in this regard,” he said.

He said that if the court decision is in favour of the Shia Board, a temple should be built at the site in Ayodhya as per the faith and belief of Hindus. The Shia Board will get a ‘Masjid-e-Aman’ constructed in Lucknow, he added.

The Shia Waqf Board submitted a proposal in the Supreme Court on November 18 for resolving the long pending dispute, proposing construction of a mosque in Lucknow’s Hussainabad area and a temple in Ayodhya.