Setback for expats, as Saudi Arabia adds more jobs for ‘nationals only’

Riyadh: The Labours Ministry of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expands ‘nationals-only’ jobs list in an attempt to increase employment rates for its nationals in response to an economic environment that has pressured its finances.

According to a Saudi Press Agency report, the sectors include watches, eyewear, medical equipment and devices, electrical and electronic appliances, auto parts, building materials, carpets, cars and motorcycles, home and office furniture, children’s clothing and men’s accessories, home kitchenware, and confectioneries.

However, only retail activities in the sectors are limited to nationals so far.

A committee made of members from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), and the Social Development Bank will develop a formal Saudisation programme to implement the decision as per the reports.

Economic reforms aim to reduce unemployment from 11.6 percent to seven percent, according to goals outlined in the Vision 2030 plans.

Siasat Web Team