Muslim clerics celebrates Republic day with Indian Map formation

Recently On 26th January, 2018 a group of Muslim clerics celebrated the Republic day by hoisting a flag and made a human formation of Indian map and they are singing patriotic songs as well, video goes viral on social media. As a citizen of India, it is our duty to respect the national flag but in the present context of doubting the patriotism of Muslims, the scene of Muslims forming Indian map was so delightful that one’s love for the nation cannot be judged by one’s religion.

For the past three and half years since the right wing party BJP came into power, the patriotism of Muslims is being tested and doubted. This has been evident in several instances of killing of Muslims on various issues, some related to vaguely devised concept Love-Jihad, some related to the matters on beef, and some incidents on the identity of being Muslim itself.

All these incidents made the Muslims felt in many parts of the country that they are the second class citizen which is not true. Because, India attained independence only when Hindus and Muslims together fought with the colonial rule. For centuries, Hindus and Muslims lived together, shared similar historical contexts and cultural attributes.

Yet, the rise of BJP into power has emboldened the right wing extremists which assume themselves as they are the only patriots of the country and test the patriotism of others, especially Muslims on various contexts.

But, the Muslims are the equal citizens of this Country and have the same rights and duties as their other counterparts.

Moreover, just by hoisting a national flag or standing for national anthem in cinema halls does not make us patriotic. What makes us Patriotic is that, respecting the ideals of the constitution, cultivating the tolerant behaviour and attitude, respecting other religious ideals and their culture. This is what our Country needs in the present turbulent atmosphere where there are groups who don’t miss a single chance to spark the communal violence, who use social media to spread rumours and disturb the harmonious society and divide people on the basis of religion and caste.

Siasat Web Team