Senior Congress leader, Azad regret for supporting AIMIM

Hyderabad: On Thursday, Rajya Sabha MP and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said, he feels guilty for helping AIMIM to grow in the state. He told, he is repenting for propping up MIM in the state.

While addressing the media, Azad said, his Congress party had supported the AIMIM to grow politically by fielding weaker candidates against them. He also said, AIMIM leaders only interest is to illegally occupy lands and they need the ruling party’s support for that. The TRS, AIMIM and BJP parties have a secret pact and they all report to their bigger boss (PM Modi).

However, Azad has to answer people that why he encouraged MIM party in the first place despite knowing their interest is to illegally occupy lands.

Now he revealed all these things because AIMIM is supporting TRS. He would have praising AIMIM now also.

He also said KCR is the only CM in India who did not come to the Secretariat. He called upon the people to elect the leaders who work from their offices.

Azad alleged that the TRS and the MIM have been working for the BJP. He said that while they criticize each other in the daytime they would have cordial meetings in the evening.

He said that the BJP and the TRS are twins as they never keep the promises they made. The Congress had an open alliance with the TJS, the CPI and the Telugu Desam Party and did not have secret pacts like the TRS, he added.

Speaking on the Kashmir he said, though BJP said that it would prevent deaths of soldiers in the valley if it comes to power, the number of deaths of them have grown during its regime.