Rs 37 lakh looted from 2 employees of Delhi trader

New Delhi: In a daylight robbery, armed criminals today looted Rs 37 lakh from two employees of a trader in northwest Delhi’s Pitampura area.

The robbery and the scuffle between the four robbers on motorbikes and the two employees was recorded in a CCTV camera, police said.

The employees of the Pitampura-based trader, Mahesh Goyal, were going to deposit Rs 37 lakh in a bank when they were robbed on Outer Ring Road at around 12.30 pm, said a police officer.

As the two employees, Pawan and Shailesh, carrying a bag containing Rs 37 lakh in cash reached the road on their scooter, the robbers intercepted them.

The robbers tried to snatch the money bag but the employees fought back and the scuffle continued for 10-15 minutes but no one intervened despite a heavy traffic on the road. The robbers finally managed to snatch at gunpoint, he said.

The whole incident was captured in a CCTV footage which was later examined to catch the culprits. A case has been registered and investigation is on, police said.