Rs. 2 for snacks to SSC students – Ridiculous orders

Rs. 2 for snacks to SSC students – Ridiculous orders

Hyderabad: Director of School Education has authorized the Headmasters of the Govt. schools to spend Rs. 2 per student for providing snacks for attending extra classes for the preparation of SSC exams. These orders were issued on 13th January. These orders also direct the headmasters to contact the philanthropists of the area to sponsor this kind of expenditure. If they do not come forward, headmasters can meet this amount.


The orders also give the details of the snacks to be provided to the students which include fruits, boiled Bengal Gram, groundnuts, tomatoes, onion, biscuits etc.


The headmasters of the schools are irritated on these orders saying that is it possible to buy any of these items for Rs. 2. It seems that the Department of Education does not treat the students studying in Govt. schools as human beings.


–Siasat News