The royal dining table of Falaknuma Palace, where several kings dined

Yesterday Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had dinner on the world’s largest table, in Falaknuma Palace. The table is 101-seater. The unique feature of the table is that the person sitting on the one end of the table can easily hear the person sitting on the other side of the table without mike.

The length of the table is 108 feet, breadth is 5.7 and height is 2.7 feet. The hall where this table is placed has 5 big chandeliers which light the entire hall. The walls of the hall is painted by melting gold.

The Falaknuma Palace was build during Nizam’s era by Prime Minister Nawab Viqarul Umra in 1893. 25 servants would serve food to the royal family. All the crockery and cutlery used to serve dinner was made of gold and silver. Kings of several countries have dined at the royal table.

In 2010 Taj Group of Hotels acquired the palace on lease and converted the palace into a hotel. It is not that only nawabs, kings and celebrities can dine on the royal table. You can also have the honour but the table should be booked for at least 40 people or if you want to dine alone, you need to shell out Rs. 18000 for your dinner.