BJP tears into Pervez Musharraf for backing terror outfits

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday lashed out at former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf’s statement backing terror outfits like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD).

Speaking to ANI, BJP leader Nalin Kohli said that Musharraf is making such statements as he knows that Pakistan is now being controlled by such terror outfit.

“There is no doubt or confusion with regard to how Pakistan is. Pakistan is a destination where terrorist can move around freely and fearlessly. They are almost respected citizens there. Mushrraf’s statement confirms that he understands who the power centre is. He is clear in his mind that they are the ones who now control Pakistan,” Kohli said.

BJP leader GVL Narsimha Rao also echoed similar views and said that Musharraf’s remark was not surprising for them.

Earlier in the day, Musharraf backed the terror groups LeT and JuD , saying they were the biggest force against the Indian Army in Kashmir.

Speaking on Pakistan’s ARY News, Musharraf said, “I am the biggest supporter of the LeT and I know they like me and the JuD also likes me.”

He further said he liked the global terrorist, JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, and had also met him.

He also accused India of declaring the LeT and the JuD as terror groups with the help of the United States.

“India got them declared as terrorists by partnering with the US,” Musharraf said, adding,” Yes, they [LeT] are involved in Kashmir and in Kashmir it is, between, we [Pakistan] and India.”