Rising fuel price concerns public across country

New Delhi: Fuel prices continued to increase for the 13th straight day today causing inconvenience to the general public.

As per the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), revised petrol prices in metropolitan cities are- Delhi: Rs 77.97 per litre; Mumbai: 85.78; Kolkata: 80.61 and Chennai: 80.95; whereas diesel prices are, Delhi: 68.90; Mumbai: 73.36; Chennai: 72.74; Kolkata: 71.45.

The prices came into effect at 6 am today and the impact of it can be seen across the nation.

“The fuel prices are increasing daily and the government is not doing anything. If the prices go higher than this, we will still have to get it refilled. What will a common man do?,” a Delhi resident told ANI.

Another Delhi local questioned the government as to why it is not decreasing the excise duty when the crude oil price has been increased.

“When the prices of crude oil went down, government had increased the excise duty. Now when the rates of the crude oil are up, why aren’t they decreasing the excise duty? Why pressure is being put on the consumer?” he said.

Speaking to ANI, a local from Bhopal said linked the fuel price with the elections and said, “Before elections, there will be some decrease in fuel prices but after the elections, it will gradually increase. There is no question of the rates coming down. The government must focus on the pricing of resources used by the common man.”
Meanwhile, a resident of Pune said that fuel prices hike is making him think twice before using a car.

“We are facing problem due to hike in fuel prices. Now, I am thinking whether I should use a cycle or a car. The prices should come down,” he told ANI.

He also said that the government must decrease excise duty, remove VAT on fuel prices and impose GST.

As the Centre has come under fire over fuel price hike, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan earlier assured the public that the government will soon take out a solution to tackle the situation.

He further pointed out that less production of oil in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and hike in crude oil price in the international market are some of the factors affecting the fuel price.

In April, Pradhan had said the Centre and the state governments have been considering bringing the petroleum products under the ambit of Goods and Services Tax. (ANI)