Kohler’s bold look with Twinkle Khanna

New Delhi: Known for their Bold approach in the industry, Kohler Co., the Global Leaders in the Kitchen & Bath Industry, partnered with interior designer, author and former Bollywood actress Ms. Twinkle Khanna for their latest campaign, ‘Colours by Kohler’.

The campaign is meant to inspire people to bring colours in the bath space with confidence through decorative and colored Kohler products. With this campaign, the brand is introducing its newly launched faucet finishes and coloured vessels with a still shoot and a behind-the-scenes video featuring Twinkle Khanna.

Through evocative imagery captured by veteran photographer Suresh Natarajan, the still-shoot aims to bring out the vibrancy of Colours by Kohler through VibrantĀ® faucet finishes and the radiant colors of Marrakesh and Derring.

Each product is showcased in an environment which complements its design story. The setting for the Marrakesh TM is a Moroccan courtyard while an earthy setting with details like patterned mud walls, parched and cracked earth have been used to showcase the earthy, copper tones of the DerringTM. The setting in an ironworker’s quarry symbolizes the aspect of metallic finishes and materials for showcasing the VibrantĀ® Faucet finishes.

“This campaign really spoke to the designer in me. If you think about it, white and chrome have been synonymous with bathrooms. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a lot you can do. Especially, the collection that I worked with, is absolutely stunning as to what Kohler has done with decorative and colourful sinks and faucets by transforming them into artistic statements. The shoot managed to capture the theme of the campaign quite beautifully. They reflected the central idea of the campaign be it the Moroccan courtyard or an ironsmith’s furnace, you could see the inspiration behind the products coming alive,” said Twinkle Khanna.

Twinkle Khanna is no stranger to the Interior decor industry. She is the founder and co-CEO of The White Window interior designs, and is the recipient of an acclaimed International Award.

“It has been inspirational to work with Ms. Khanna and Mr. Suresh Natarajan, both experts in their creative fields. Moreover, Ms. Khanna’s experience in the interior design industry makes her a perfect fit for our brand. At Kohler, we have great respect for creativity and art, which is exactly what we are highlighting through our campaign – Colours by Kohler. We created some beautiful settings around our products to bring them alive giving our consumers a glimpse of what could be achieved with exciting colours from Kohler in the bath space,” said president, KOHLER Brand K&B S. Asia, Middle East & SSA at Kohler Co., Salil Sadanandan.

The decorative products featured in the shoot are an exclusive range of sink designs featuring elegant materials with unique, hand-crafted patterns. This extension significantly expands the options for home-owners who are seeking a unique, decorated lavatory. (ANI)