Riots will continue to occur unless the mindset of the society is not changed: Varun Gandhi

Lucknow: Key political and religious leaders on Thursday stressed the need for putting a curb on hatred being spread in the name religion and caste. They felt that if the government is not doing this, then the society should do this or else the communal harmony and cosmopolitan legacy of the country will be shattered. All the peace-loving citizens of the country should change their thinking before trying to change the society. These views were expressed by ladies and gentlemen who were addressing at ‘The Peace Dialogues’, an event organised in the city to promote peaceful coexistence and communal harmony here at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. Mohammed Abbas Hyder convened the programme.

During his address BJP’s Sultanpur MP Varun Gandhi said during the last 10 years 28000 such farmers have been arrested who were defaulters of Rs. 25000 loan, but those who had to repay crores of rupees are roaming freely. He said Taliban has killed nearly 3000 people while in our country 9000 farmers committed suicide during 2016 alone.

CPI National Secretary Atul Kumar Anjan said Junaid, Akhlaq and several others have been killed just because they don’t belong to hate-monger’s religion. CPI leader said if Christians, dalits, Paris are killed who will remain in the country?

Acharya Pramod Krishnan said all religions teach the message of harmony and love, yet most of the clashed happen around the world are in the name of religion.

Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahli said non-violence is the message of Islam, respect of all religions is the part of Quranic `teachings however distorted image of Islam is being presented.