Mitron! Aadmi bada achha hai, listen to this poem on ‘politicians’ before it gets banned

Straight from the hearts of common people, who don’t want any further adventure to live a substantial life; this young artist in his poem says every word relatable.

The politicians are making lives of poor miserable every day and yet keeping their heads high, claiming to develop the nation.

Leaders from backward classes are getting attacked, as if they can’t even contest independently. Love-jihad and cow vigilantism have been made a blistering propaganda without any concrete undertaking.

The country is leaning towards the more reprehensible situation with every day that is passing.

Eats our share of food,
Also digest the fodder
Despite continuous rains
Keeps us parched
But he is a very noble man!

Goes for foreign trips
Makes us exchange currency notes
After his claims of better days
We see very weird days…

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