Rice miller booked under PD Act: C.V. Anand

Kingpin in illegal supply of PDS recycled rice to the neighboring States Konda Lakshman of Jagityal was booked under PD Act, Civil Supplies Commissioner CV Anand said. Based on reports by Civil Supplies probe teams, last year four rice traders were booked under PD Act, this is the first instance, a Rice Mill Owner was booked under PD case, he added.

Konda Lakshman, 45, owner of Messrs Hanuman Sai Traders, Gollapelli Road, Jagityal district was involved in illegal movement of PDS rice to States for past 15 years. Lakshman has been using the government (CMR) paddy for own purpose, supply recycled PDS rice to government instead of CMR. Already eight criminal cases are registered against him.
As per the directions from C.V. Anand, Civil Supplies investigation team kept a vigil on Lakshman’s activities from time to time and prepared a report on his involvement in illegal movement of PDS and criminal cases details. They handed over the criminal cases details to Jagityal Collector A. Sharath, who in turn booked PD case on Lakshman.
Lakshman, owner of Hanuman Rice Mill was also running rice mills situated at Jagityal district, Rayakallu, Korutla, Latipelly on benami names was involved in illegal trading of PDS rice. He acquired paddy on benami names from Civil Supplies and used for his own purpose. He then supply recycled ration rice to government on CMR name.
From Karimnagar, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Warangal, Jagityal district he used to collect ration rice at Rs. 8 to 12 per kg and sold it government at Rs. 25. Per month upto 600 to 800 Metric tons was collected by Lakshman and he earning was around Rs. 50 to 70 lakhs. He then get this collected PDS rice recycled and then again submit to government as CMR. The remaining rice was been moved to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chattisgarh states black market. This illegal practice came to lime light by Civil Supplies investigation team vigil on his time to time movements.
He was threatening, black mailing officials for quite some time to run his illegal operations.
In 2011 first criminal case was booked on him. Then after on 15 th June 2015, again in the year 2016 – on January 28 , March 15 , October 4 , in the year 2017 – on February 10, May 18 and then on October 28 , total eight criminal cases are been registered.
Rice millers, traders submitting recycled rice instead CMR to the government are traced and district wise list is been prepared said Commissioner for Civil Supplies Department C.V. Anand. The kingpins of this racket are recognized and strict vigil is kept on their movements. With the support of concerned district Collectors, Joint Collectors cases will be lodged on more illegal rice millers. Soon, some more rice millers involved in illegal trade of ration rice movement in Nagarkurnool, Warangal, Gadwal, Bhoopalpally, Nalgonda district will be booked under PD cases. Commissioner warned the dealers doing business on benami traders, that list is been prepared and strict action will be taken against them. (NSS)