UP: Fearing encounter, gangsters want to stay in jail, cancel bail

Kairana: After a massive crackdown by police in Shamli District, criminals prefer to stay in jail rather than getting killed in the encounter.

According to the report published in India Today, many criminals have given in writing that they would never involve in any illegal activities.

As per officials, in less than 10 months, around 80 gangsters have been arrested and six were killed. Now, criminal are canceling their bails to stay in jail.

It is also reported that gangster Mukim Kala also requested the court to keep him in jail. He is lodged in Yamunanagar jail, Haryana.

Kala requested the court for video conferencing as he feared that he would be killed if he goes out of the jail.

Another gangster, Inaam Dhuri said that recent crackdown has terrified them. Dhuri also said that he has promised to cop that he will never involve in any crime. As per police, Dhuri is accused in more than 20 cases of murder, extortion etc.

It may be mentioned that although activists raised objections to encounters, Chief Minister said criminals should be answered in the language they understand, India Today reported.

Furqan who is accused in illegal weapons case also surrendered. Last year, he was arrested after police found 200 manufacture pistols and raw material. However, he was later released on bail.

Gayyur showed interest in becoming a police informer. He was in jail for more than two months.

Apart from these accused, other alleged criminals also vowed to start working in their villages.

Commenting on the achievement, the City Police Chief told that they got success in instilling fear in the gangsters’ mind. Locals support are also acknowledged.

Mr. Ajay Pal Sharma, SSP, Shamli told that earlier cops used to hesitate to enter the villages of these lawbreakers. He further said that now, several criminals have either surrendered or promised to keep a distance from crime. Many criminals have got bail canceled to stay in jail, he added.