Revanth alleges Corruption in Irrigation Projects

Hyderabad: Congress leader A Revanth Reddy said that the TRS government was countering with abuses when they criticised the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s family stating that they were looting the state in the name of water. Asking the Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao to respond on his criticism on irrigation projects, Revanth Reddy alleged that several associates, who have no rubber chappals once, of KCR were became crorepathis today. The state had become bankrupt, but KCR family crossed the Ambani, Adani families in earnings, he alleged.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Friday, Revanth Reddy has asked the state government to answer his questions on irrigation projects’ corruption if they were sincere. Throwing a challenge at KCR and Harish Rao saying that 100 percent corruption took place in Seetharama project estimations, Revanth demanded the state government to release white paper on the expenditure on projects and ayacut details. “I am ready to prove the corruption took place in Seetharama project. I am ready to obey the punishment whatever by the KCR if I failed to prove my allegations. I am also ready to leave the state if I failed to prove my allegations”, he said and asked Harish to send officials for the debate in case he has no time for it. He alleged that there were Billa, Ranga, and Charles Shobharajs in the TRS government and he will reveal their names very soon. He said that the Ministers were coming to Kodangal tomorrow along with thousands of police to attack the people of Kodangal constituency. He made it clear that he will wage movement on behalf of Kodangal people.

He alleged that MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy has the history of deceiving his own sister. Palla was the person who got registered all the assets of his brother-in-law when the latter was in hospital, he claimed. (NSS)