Representatives of ASHA worker meet Ameer-e-Shariat in Karnataka

Bangalore: Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) worker team led by V.N Raj Shekhar met Ameer-e-Shariat on 22 April and discussed on the attacks on ASHA workers during the visit to the minorities area.

They said that the people think they have come to collect the data of NRC and NPR and they attack on the workers.

Ameer-e-Shariat along with Maulana Maqsood Imran Rashadi, Tanveer Ahmed (Jamaat-e-Hind) & other social organization members discussed on the issue.

YouTube video

He said that the ASHA workers are working as a warrior in this pandemic, they are visiting the areas and checking whether a person have high temperature, are they having any breathing problem, coughing, but they were attacked by the people. He urged everyone to cooperate with them to fight against the deadly virus.

Ameer-e-Shariat also given hope to ASHA workers that he and all Ulema are with ASHA worker to fight against Coronavirus and also appealed to all Muslims not to listen fake news and lets ASHA workers do their work.