Renee Zellweger speaks about her acting break

Washington D.C [USA]: American actor-producer Renee Zellweger spoke about her hiatus break from acting for a few years.

“It was nice to have authentic exchanges with people for a while,” the 50-year-old star told InStyle, reported Page Six.

“When you’re not on the radar, people don’t clock who you are; you’re just a person at the coffee shop ordering a coffee. You have conversations that aren’t about work. And when someone is having a bad day, it doesn’t change. They just have a bad day with you, and it’s a funny thing to appreciate, but I do. It’s nice. It’s real and not edited. We meet as human beings,” she added.

The ‘Judy’ star explained that she had certain things in her life that she wanted to prioritize over her acting career such as finding love.

“Slowing down and working on building a life for myself. Trying to not have a relationship when I’m leaving town every two weeks. You know, getting to know somebody. Falling in love,” she said.

The star also said that she wanted to dip her toes into new experiences.

“[I wanted] to learn new things, so I worked in a different capacity in this business. I tried to create some things, produce some things, studied a little bit. I studied public policy, international law. And I traveled a lot. I went to Liberia. I spent a lot of time with my family on the East Coast,” opined Zellweger.

The star took an acting hiatus around 2010 and didn’t return until 2016 for ‘Briget Jones’s Baby.’

When she reemerged, Zellweger was blasted for surgically altering her face, though the actress vehemently denied the reports.