Dhawan launches cricket bat sensor app StanceBeam Striker

New Delhi:┬áIndia opener Shikhar Dhawan on Wednesday launched StanceBeam’s flagship product, the StanceBeam Striker, a smart cricket bat sensor.

The StanceBeam Striker brings technology innovation to cricket as an Internet of Things (IoT) device providing useable, real-time and instant 360-degree batting performance data analytics to players and coaches, through an iOS and Android-enabled mobile app, a statement said.

The StanceBeam Striker can be placed on any cricket bat, turning a regular bat into a smart tech device. The sensor analyses bat speed, 3D swing analysis, Power factor and Shot Efficiency, enable capture of Smart Videos, all in real-time.

“The collaboration between sports and technology has a promising future as it enhances the performance of the player by helping them understand their techniques and be innovative by making informed decisions. Our product equips both players and their coaches, with knowledge and insights into techniques so that they can improve their game. StanceBeam Striker will be a great coaching tool as it provides instant feedback giving everyone a chance to become a better batsman” shared Arminder Thind, Founder & CEO, StanceBeam during the inauguration.

Conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India, the product has been tested by one of the premier Science Institutes, I3D Lab at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and has shown 98-99% accuracy in the sensor’s shot analytics. “This hasn’t stopped our R&D team from working tirelessly to improve it further, add new features and deliver only the best”, said Arminder.

Dhawan feels that it will be a crucial aspect in improving the quality of batsmanship on display. “I feel that timing is very important and having that on data is very useful. If I am batting and I get to know the bat speed and the speed at which I am able to hit the maximum sixes, then that helps me to prepare accordingly. Also, when it comes to the backlift, it should ideally come from the first slip region, so with this, you will be certain that where exactly it is coming from. There will be clarity and no need to guess. Data is very important and a crucial part of the game. So this will help me in my batting,” he said.