Release white paper on welfare spending, demands Shabbir

Leader of the Opposition in the Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir today alleged that the TRS government made tall claim of having a largest welfare budget, but in practice spent only  30 to 35% of the amount.


Speaking at the Assembly media point  along with his deputy Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, Shabbir Ali demanded that the State government release a white paper on the expenditure incurred so far on the welfare programs for  BC/SC/ST and Minorities. He pointed out that the Chief Minister, who returned from after an eye operation has been announcing granting boons like fish, sheep and Jersey cows freely to  every household throughout the State. But most of them are just on paper.

The Chief Minister has been telling the world that his State has the largest  welfare budget of over Rs.40,000 crore per annum. But in reality hardly 30 to 35% of them are spent. On the new  criteria of MBC (Most backward class)  for which KCR announced Rs 1,000 crore, Shabbir said the CM was playing with gullible peoples’ sentiments. He questioned about the parameters of the MBC and which of 144 sub-groups of BC will get benefited.

As the allocation for BCs is just Rs.5070 crore, it would be better for the State government to implement the programs endorsed in the Assembly rather than those modified, “manipulated” or redesigned in Pragati Bhavan.        Dubbing the Chief Minister KCR as a chameleon, which changes colors according to the situation, Shabbir said KCR says that beneficiaries could get milch animals directly rather than from the bank. Then what happens to the Special Development Plan funding for SCs earmarked at Rs 14375 crore or for ST’s at Rs 8,165 crore? he asked. Shabbir demanded immediate release of funds for Temple repairs.


Ponguleti Sudakar Reddy said the TRS government failed on all fronts and started advance election campaign by announcing sops for different communities and castes. He also demanded compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of farmer Krishna Yadav of Nakrekal and jobs to his children. (NSS)