Lecture on Hyderabadi Culture

Noted Ophthalmologist, Dr. Shyam Sunder Prasad quoted the precedents of religious tolerance and communal harmony of Hyderabadi culture and lamented that people have forgotten this culture. He was delivering an extension lecture at Urdu Hall, Himayath Nagar on Saturday, 16th September. He recalled that Khichdi, Keema, Aachar and Paratha used to be taken at breakfast but now Idli and Dosa have become the items of breakfast in Hyderabad. He further told that Hyderabad was famous for its gardens and tanks. It had thick cement roads and pleasant atmosphere. It had very good drainage system. Common family system was the tradition of Hyderabadi Culture. It was binding on the students to respect their teachers. The meeting was organized by Progress Writers’ Association of Hyderabad. President of the association, Prof. Baig Ehsaas presided over the meeting. Mr. Syed Turabul Hasan, IAS (Rtd.), Padmashri Mujtaba Husain, Dr. Sikander Ali Khan Lodhi and Ms. Shanta Sehgal addressed the gathering. Mr. Abid Siddiqui conducted the meeting.One minute silence was observed by the audience on the brutal killing of noted social activist and journalist, Gauri Lankesh. (Photo: Zabi)