Rejection can fetch lot more than success, says Imtiaz Ali

New Delhi : Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali is today one of the most acclaimed writer- directors of Bollywood today but initially even he had to go through a lot of rejections.

But the ‘ Tamasha’ director believes that rejections can bring a lot more to a person than success.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Imtiaz said, “Rejection is very important I think in order that it carves you, shows you reality, creates confidence and there is a lot that it can achieve which success cannot. I think it is as important as success.”

The 44-year-old director, who had to face a lot of rejections in his initial years, said that he could never understand the reasons why his scripts were being rejected but it added to his experience as a creative person.

Imtiaz has recently launched a platform called ‘SPOTLight’, an app which enables the upcoming storytellers to showcase their talent.

As far as films are concerned, Imtiaz is presently working on some scripts but was not willing to divulge anything about it. (ANI)