Central universities should align research priorities with contemporary national challenges: Mukherjee

New Delhi : President Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday said central universities should align research priorities with contemporary challenges of the country while attending the 2nd Convocation of Central University of Karnataka at Kalaburagi.

“Nations have from times past overcome poverty, social malaise and economic turmoil based on a robust education system. A developing country like India needs innovative solutions to challenges in renewable energy, climate change, drinking water, sanitation and urbanization. It is incumbent on our universities to align their research priorities with these challenges. Our universities must be breeding grounds for creative pursuits and cutting-edge technology. They must inculcate in their students scientific temper and a spirit of inquiry,” said President Mikherjee

Mukherjee said central universities are intended to be a vehicle for social transformation. They must reach out to people in their region by disseminating knowledge, encouraging innovation, promoting environmental conservation and developing skills. They must elicit participation of talented local youth, increasing their employability and ushering in upward mobility of the deprived. (ANI)