Rearing of big animals difficult due to ban– Farmers of Maharashtra worried

Maharashtra: After imposing ban on Cow slaughter, the situation in the neighboring State of Maharashtra has become worse. Big animals are arriving in the bordering districts of Telangana from Maharashtra State. Farmers from this state are selling big animals in Boodhan and other bordering areas of Nizamabad since there is a ban in Maharashtra. Many big animals have been left out without claiming their ownership as the farmers are not in a position to rear these big animals. These animals which enter the bordering districts of Telangana are creating traffic hurdles. Such of the farmers who want to sell their animals are not able to do so because of the ban on their sales. These farmers are making an attempt to sell their oxen to the Muslims on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha since these oxen are proving to be a burden. These farmers are also taking responsibility to deliver these animals at the residences of the buyers. The farmers of Maharashtra used to sell the oxen which are not used for agricultural purposes earlier. Now that there is a ban in Maharashtra, they do not find any buyers.

–Siasat News