Ramadan: Know the best time to exercise

Dubai: As the month of Ramadan will start after a few days, many might be thinking to abandon exercise. However, those who want to continue might be thinking the right time for exercise.

According to the report published in Khaleej Times, talking on this, Dr Javaid Shah, Physician Specialist in Dubai told that exercise while fasting may keep the brain, neuro-motors and muscle fibres biologically young.

Sheu, Assistant Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at Fitness First Gym and Health Club said, “Exercise while fasting may help in maintaining weight”.

Now, the question arises, “What is the best time to exercise?”. According to Dr. Javaid, the best time is after Taraweeh prayers. He also asked people to consume juice during a workout. He further said that exercise can also be done before Saher.

However, one should avoid exercise which increases pulse rate above 150 per minute. Slow or moderate exercise like slow jogging, cycling etc should be done.

It is also reported that one can prefer taking carbohydrates during Saher and protein-rich diet after breaking the fast.