Rahul Gandhi Exposes Modi, Anil Ambani, Nirmala Sitaraman in Rafale Deal

New Delhi: Once again, Rafael Deal was exposed. Despite objection raised by Defence Ministry, PMO did not refrain from intervening in the Rafale Deal.

According to a report published in “The Hindu”, the war of words has accelerated. On the one side Congress President Mr Rahul Gandhi attacked Mr Narendra Modi and on the other hand, Defence Minister, Ms Nirmala Sitaraman termed this report as Fake. She was mentioned in the Parliament.

It may be mentioned that PMO was also negotiating with French authorities simultaneously.

The Newspaper, quoting the notings of the then Secretary of Ministry of Defence, Mr Mohan Kumar had expressed his anxiety to the Defence Minister, Mr Manohar Parikar saying that it might create trouble.

After this exposure, Mr Rahul Gandhi again attacked PM Narendra Modi. He told that the report is before you which says that Mr Modi involved in it.

He told our soldiers that they fight for our security but Mr Modi dumped Rupee thirty thousand crores in the pocket of his friend Mr Anil Ambani. Defence Minister also told a lie in the Parliament. He for the told that former President of France told him that he was asked to give the contract of Rafael Deal to Anil Ambani.

On the other hand, Ms Nirmala Sitarama told that the report published in “The Hindu” newspaper is false. She also told that the newspaper published the notings of Mr Mohan Kumar but did not publish the reply given by Mr Parikar. It is baseless to say that PMO intervened in the deal.