“Rahul Gandhi Can’t Wake Up”: BJP’s takes jab over delayed press conference

NEW DELHI: Social media has become a major platform for political parties in India to launch savage attacks at each other as the campaigning for the upcoming general election is intensifying. The Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been using Twitter extensively to slam each other.

In a similar event, the BJP on Friday took a jab at Mr Gandhi after his news conference was delayed, claiming the reason for the delay was his failure to wake up in the morning.

The press conference of Congress was scheduled for 10:15 am in the morning but it was deferred to 1 pm. BJP took to its official Twitter account and tweeted “It seems Rahul Gandhi can’t wake up in the morning. Anyway, it’s better not to spread lies in the morning.”

The Congress president on Tuesday attacked the Prime Minister over an unreleased analytical report and stated that “India’s PM is a joke”.

He took to Twitter and said “I thought India was producing 450 jobs a day. Turns out Modi’s policies destroyed 1 crore jobs in 2018. That’s 27,000 jobs lost every single day of 2018. India’s PM is a joke.”

The General elections will be held in seven phases beginning April 11, votes will be counted on May 23.